Bloodrisesx 22 timmar sedan
Should just turn it into a cart and not a car lol
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Oliver Midttun 22 timmar sedan
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Juan Asencio 22 timmar sedan
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Chandler M
Chandler M 23 timmar sedan
But, McLeroy is the only proper name.
Eric S.
Eric S. 23 timmar sedan
My grandfather was an engineer and he always said "if men built it, he could fix it."
Eric S.
Eric S. 23 timmar sedan
You should put the $300 lambo kit body on this thing. I'd be forever grateful
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Francisco Hernandez 23 timmar sedan
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Nathan Jainarain 23 timmar sedan
Can you do an update on the Gallardo?
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez 23 timmar sedan
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Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez 23 timmar sedan
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bocoy noiu Dag sedan
when you can.
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Haiqal L Dag sedan
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Lung Tien Xiang Dag sedan
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Nicholas Nyberg Dag sedan
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M Performance
M Performance Dag sedan
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SteelRain27 Dag sedan
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asioe kiou Dag sedan
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lil-Devil7 Dag sedan
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Dimitry Dimitry Dag sedan
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asioe kiou
asioe kiou Dag sedan
3 sec from 0 to 60
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Cars457 gaming/stuff
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VW Empire
VW Empire Dag sedan
McLaren and Yugo, the fastest car in the world and the slowest and worst car in the world.
VW Empire
VW Empire Dag sedan
3 sec from 0 to 60
VW Empire
VW Empire Dag sedan
2:11 is that Jugo in the garage?
Jules Anderson
Jules Anderson Dag sedan
I cannot imagine changing my 2003 OEM BOSE system, it sounds superb with amazing bass response. I've not been impressed with other aftermarket head units in terms of sound quality and unless you integrate it with the OEM amps they just don't cut it compared to the original. Yes better functionality from modern head units but sound .........I've yet to be convinced. I use the AUX jack socket in my glove box linked to an MPOW Bluetooth adaptor to listen to my phone playlist. Works great.
M B Dag sedan
Can we not appreciate the fact that it was 300 ? And that’s excellence value ?
The Marauder
The Marauder Dag sedan
Mclaren could have rebuilt it if they wanted to. They rebuilt Rowan Atkinson's Mclaren F1 when he wrecked it.
TheDeegte1 Dag sedan
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Biscuit112 DT
Biscuit112 DT Dag sedan
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Bonza Dag sedan
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Jason Sutton Dag sedan
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Glad to see it didnt kill ya...I know a couple of people that didnt fair as well. Get better and Im sure Jared will do a good job.
Lorenz Friedmann
Lorenz Friedmann Dag sedan
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Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed Dag sedan
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SoulFly Dag sedan
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Aman Ashraf
Aman Ashraf Dag sedan
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SoulFly Dag sedan
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Wizard or lizard licking all the car juices? lol
Osamah Fahad
Osamah Fahad Dag sedan
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Mireya Hackett
Mireya Hackett Dag sedan
The berserk textbook cytochemically boil because fish molecularly concern unlike a lethal storm. caring, ashamed cucumber
Phoenix X
Phoenix X Dag sedan
One of the covid19 research programs revealed that; oddly enough, people who got a lot of sleep while sick were more likely to recover more effectively. This seems to relate back to this virus reacting very agressively to high levels of oxygen in the body - so if you sleep your heart rate and breathing slows down - the article i read also seemed to think the chemicals your body releases while asleep had some anti-covid19 properties. It probably also allows your body to better redirect resources towards fighting it; that would otherwise be used while you were awake. So take your vitamins, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.. get well man.
Allen Hoekstra Jr
Allen Hoekstra Jr Dag sedan
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Whirly Murley Dag sedan
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beedsj roiue Dag sedan
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